Mobile Web Design

Web design has changed, now you’ve got to consider mobile devices like smartphones and tablets too!

That’s right, it is expected that mobile and tablet internet usage will overtake desktop computer usage during 2014, and that by 2016, over two-thirds of the UK population will be smartphone users.

We encourage you that mobile phones and tablets should be considered in your web design.

Responsive Web Design

This is the term used to describe web design that works on various screen sizes, be it a desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone. The various elements on the web page will re-size and re-position themselves to fit nicely, so no need for mobile users to zoom, pinch, pull etc.


This website uses responsive web design. If you’re viewing on a desktop computer, try re-sizing your browser window and watch the website change.

Cool. What else?

We take your ideas, thoughts, text and images and turn them into something that not only looks cool, but is also engineered to enhance your chances of getting your website listed on Google, as well as giving a friendly user experience.

We first think about the most logical and common-sense order of the website pages and sections. The advantage here is twofold; a logically organised website is better for your users to navigate happily without confusion, and by breaking your categories into individual pages, these can be tailored for Search Engine Optimisation and have a better chance of a decent Google listing, as they are more specific in their focus.

We will also help you with writing the text copy for your website, should you wish. The advantage here is to get the best copy not only for the Search Engines, but also for your users. We can also assist in finding professional stock photography too.

If you want a website that you can edit yourself, you’ll be needing a Content Management System. Want to sell goods on your website? That’s called eCommerce, we do that too. Your website files will need to be put on an internet server to be visible to the World, this is known as hosting. Yes, you’ve guessed it, we do that as well.

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