Web Hosting

Your website needs a parking space on the internet.

That’s where our affordable web hosting packages come in. After a period of much frustration and teeth gnashing trying to configure clients’ hosting that they had sought themselves, we decided it would be much better for all involved if we took care of hosting ourselves.


Yeah, quite a lot of cheap web hosts out there have really user-UN-friendly control panels, and customer “support” phone lines that are answered by folks in a land far-far away, who may not empathise with the urgency of your issue.

Cheap VPS Web Hosting

We found a fantastic company in London who give us just what we, and more importantly YOU, need. Our web hosting offers you all the tools of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) at around the cost of shared hosting.

We believe this is one of the cheapest VPS hosting in the UK!

  • Parallels Plesk Control Panel
    THE industry leading control panel
  • UK Based Servers
    Central London, to be precise. Linux running on Ubuntu O/S with 2GB RAM
  • UK Based Customer Support
    Call us first. We’re on first-name terms with the Support Team in London!
  • 1 MySQL Database
    If needed to drive your site. NASA uses MySQL; none of that Microsoft stuff round here!
  • 10GB Disk Space
    Unless you’re hosting a load of movies, that’ll do
  • 100GB/month Traffic
    Suitable for most websites. Except Justin Bieber’s
  • 10 Email Mailboxes
    Each with 100MB capacity. Connect via Outlook, Thunderbird etc. or read online
  • This lot costs just £7.95/month (No VAT)
    Other packages are available depending on your needs, contact us to discuss

Give us a call and see how we can help…

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What’s the catch?

You will be hosted on our VPS, but your are sharing the IP address with our other clients hosted on the same machine. That’s it really.

If you are looking for your own VPS or Dedicated Server we can assist with this too, give us a call.