“Phil is unhesitatingly recommended”

“Since early 2014 Phil has been engaged as WordPress sub-contractor and has been tasked with numerous projects. Despite the differences in our approach to, for example, creating functional specifications, he has without exception always provided practical solutions at highly competitive prices within tight timeframes.”

“Initially we wondered if he’d act merely as a passive ‘agent’ i.e. undertaking tasks in a robotic fashion without providing input. Our anxiety was confounded. Happily he provides intelligent opinions which he presents in an assertive but unaggressive manner. We’re delighted about this because his timely intervention has, time and again, reduced the complexity of our initial thoughts resulting in time saving and money saving for us and most importantly, a better quality end-user experience.”

“He takes full accountability for his work, never seeks scapegoats and in the most positive way possible ‘owns’ each and every project. Consequently he is unhesitatingly recommended.”

~ Howard Popeck

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