“Does my website need a cookie policy?”

We see these little notices about cookies on websites every day, but have you considered if your website requires a cookie policy/warning?

Does my website use cookies?


If your website has interactive elements, for example a shopping basket, or you use a traffic monitoring service, such as Google Analytics, then it is most likely the answer is yes, your website uses cookies.

The law and rules regarding cookies is fairly long and tedious reading, and a little ambiguous on what cookies are exempt from requiring consent and such forth.

We suggest you play it safe and put a cookie policy in place if your website uses cookies.

But cookie notices are ugly and annoying!

Yeah, we know. You should have seen a cookie notice on our site when you first visited, if you clicked the “Accept” button it will have vanished and will not appear again (ironically, it uses a cookie to do that).

As a positive, having a cookie policy on your website shows that you are a diligent person and gives an impression of professionalism, so you may pick up more customers.

We can give your site a cookie notice and a cookie policy like ours, starting from just £25.

Thanks for reading!


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